Harper's Weekly 02/11/1865


We call the attention of our readers to the sketch
engraved on the preceding page. No feature con-
nected with our military operations is so interesting
or so abundant in thrilling incident as what is called
the secret service. This has been especially the
case in the West. For the most part the details of
this service have been hidden from the public. It
was necessary that it should be, both for the success
of important movements and for the sake of the gal-
lant heroes engaged in this branch of the service.
This veil of secrecy has covered in temporary ob-
scurity the most romantic incidents of the war—in-
cidents, too, upon which oftentimes the fate of bat-
tles has hung. These will some time be made
known, and will form an interesting portion of the
history of this war, relieving the tedious details of
marches and manuuvres.

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