Harper's Weekly 09/05/1863


Instead of “Stonewall Jackson” with his dash-
ing achievements, the rebel cavalry in Virginia
have now nothing better to show than the perform-
ances of Moseby and his guerrillas, “citizens by
day and soldiers by night.” Aided by a perfect
knowledge of the country and by information fur-
nished by their sympathizers, they have succeeded
in capturing quite a number of sutlers'trains, and
escaping with a portion of their booty. These
guerrilla enterprises, while they exert no influence
upon the issue of the war, are annoying, and must
be prevented. They are only possible through the
connivance of the inhabitants of the region where
they take place, and these should be held account-
able for all the damage done by their friends. If
this rule is strictly enforced, the aiders and abettors
of these marauding gangs will find that they are
carrying on a losing business.

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