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In the Libey // Two Days with Mosby

Harper's Weekly Text
January 21, 1865, p. 43 (1-4)


A cavalry captain travels along picket lines with his contraband servant. Along the way, they are captured by the Confederate guerrilla, Mosby. Though he banters with Mosby, the captain is impressed with the man’s manners and treatment of his prisoners. After the captain has been relieved of his valuables, he and ten other captured Union men are taken on a march towards Richmond. Mosby eventually leaves the group. That, combined with bad weather, allows the men a chance to escape. By getting hold of the weapons being carried on the march, the Union men are able to shoot the remaining Confederate guards and escape. Five remain together, including the contraband servant. Together, they make their way carefully through the woods and mountains, until they are able to cross the river that leads to Union territory.

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In the Libey // Two Days with Mosby





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